Top 10 Most Tweeted JMIR Articles in 2016 - Pokemon wins

Top tweeted articles published in 2016 by twimpact factor tw7 (number of tweets within the first week after publication). Articles in the top 20% by Tw7 are more likely to be among the 20% highest cited papers of a specific journal (Eysenbach 2012).

Data Source: JMIR Top Articles - Top Tweeted

1. Influence of Pokémon Go on Physical Activity: Study and Implications 

Tim Althoff,   Ryen W White,   Eric Horvitz 

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Dec 06); 18(12):e315

Tw7: 452 

2. Health Advice from Internet Discussion Forums: How Bad Is Dangerous? 

Jennifer Ann Cole,   Chris Watkins,   Dorothea Kleine 

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Jan 06); 18(1):e4

Tw7: 226

3. Can Mobile Phone Apps Influence People’s Health Behavior Change? An Evidence Review 

Jing Zhao,   Becky Freeman,   Mu Li 

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Nov 02); 18(11):e287

Tw7: 103

4. The Use of Social Media in Recruitment for Medical Research Studies: A Scoping Review 

Jane Topolovec-Vranic,   Karthik Natarajan 

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Nov 07); 18(11):e286

Tw7: 100

5. How Health Care Professionals Use Social Media to Create Virtual Communities: An Integrative Review 

Kaye Denise Rolls,   Margaret Hansen,   Debra Jackson,   Doug Elliott 

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Jun 21); 18(6):e166

Tw7: 95

6. Knowledge Exchange and Discovery in the Age of Social Media: The Journey From Inception to Establishment of a Parent-Led Web-Based Research Advisory Community for Childhood Disability 

Dianne J Russell,   Jennifer Sprung,   Dayle McCauley,   Olaf Kraus de Camargo,   Francine Buchanan,   Roman Gulko,   Rachel Martens,   Jan Willem Gorter

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Nov 11); 18(11):e293

Tw7: 85

7. Adapting Behavioral Interventions for Social Media Delivery 

Sherry L. Pagoto,   Molly E Waring,   Christine N May,   Eric Y Ding,   Werner H Kunz,   Rashelle Hayes,   Jessica L Oleski 

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Jan 29); 18(1):e24

Tw7: 83

8. Do We Still Have a Digital Divide in Mental Health? A Five-Year Survey Follow-up 

Dan Robotham,   Safarina Satkunanathan,   Lisa Doughty,   Til Wykes 

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Nov 22); 18(11):e309

Tw7: 76

9. Self-Monitoring Utilization Patterns Among Individuals in an Incentivized Program for Healthy Behaviors

Ju Young Kim,   Nathan E Wineinger,   Michael Taitel,   Jennifer M Radin,   Osayi Akinbosoye,   Jenny Jiang,   Nima Nikzad,   Gregory Orr,   Eric Topol,   Steve Steinhubl

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Nov 17); 18(11):e292

Tw7: 60

10. Health Literacy and Health Information Technology Adoption: The Potential for a New Digital Divide 

Michael Mackert,   Amanda Mabry-Flynn,   Sara Champlin,   Erin E Donovan,   Kathrynn Pounders 

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Oct 04); 18(10):e264


Patient Perspectives on Sharing Anonymized Personal Health Data Using a Digital System for Dynamic Consent and Research Feedback: A Qualitative Study 

Karen Spencer,   Caroline Sanders,   Edgar A Whitley,   David Lund,   Jane Kaye,   William Gregory Dixon 

J Med Internet Res 2016 (Apr 15); 18(4):e66

Tw7 (for both): 55