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COVID-19 research rapidly peer-reviewed and published in JMIR journals

The COVID-19 pandemic has put what we have been working on over the past 20 years in a sudden spotlight: Our focus on telemedicine/digital health and internet interventions - tools that are suddenly CRITICAL during the COVID-19 pandemic and that will remain important in the post-COVID-19 era - combined with our ability for rapid review and science communication: JMIR journals are now a prime outlet for COVID-19 clinical and public health/policy-relevant research.

Submit your clinical and health policy-relevant COVID-19 research to JMIR journals - they will fast-tracked and shared with the World Health Organization (WHO) immediately on submission. Submit field reports, surveillance reports, technologies, apps, protocols and reports on isolation, suppression, treatment protocols, models, case studies, policy recommendations, rapid reviews, telework/telemedicine reports. etc.

As an innovative publisher (well known for fast turnaround times even in non-pandemic situations), JMIR Publications is proud of the role we play in sharing critical research rapidly and openly to inform the public health response and help save lives.

As early as on February 8th, 2020, we created a special COVID19 e-collection and a special call for papers in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance to prioritize Covid-19 research papers. Other journals such as Journal of Medical Internet Research, JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting, JMIR Mental Health also have issued calls for papers, and other JMIR journals will prioritize COVID19 submissions regardless of the JMIR journal it is submitted to, to enable rapid peer-review and publication within 2-3 weeks or faster.

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We accept original papers including rapid surveillance reports, field reports, case studies, and raw datasets related to Covid-19. We are particularly interested in surveillance systems, surveillance data, and public health informatics / population health technologies

For all JMIR journals we are using our entire "open science" toolset to disseminate your research immediately and widely. This includes

We hope you choose JMIR Public Health and Surveillance or another JMIR journal to disseminate your work. We work closely with WHO, NCBI, and other partners to maximize the impact of your work.Speaking about impact, we are pleased to hear that Clarivate has stepped up and is fast-tracking the evaluation of JMIR Public Health & Surveillance for indexing/impact factor, to encourage researchers to publish openly and rapidly.

If you are just beginning data collection, please submit your data collection and analysis protocol to JMIR Research Protocols.

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