Top 10 Tweeted / Top Twimpact Factor Articles of 2014

As avid JMIR readers know, JMIR has been a pioneer in collecting and using social media metrics long before the term altmetrics became popular. On our Top Articles page we rank all JMIR articles by various metrics, including tweets. By clicking on the "most tweeted - in the last year" tab, readers can rank articles by tweets in the last 12 months (this may also capture articles which were published pre-2014).

Here is a list of our top tweeted articles from 2014:

(the ranking is displayed as tweets for easier tweeting, note that these are not the actual tweets we are counting. The top tweeted article has been tweeted over 300 times)

Top Articles by Twimpact Factor Published in 2014

The ranking of top tweeted articles (as done by many other journals) has one major flaw: It does not take into account time since publication. An article published in December has much less time to accumulate tweetations (citations in a tweet) than an article published in January.

The better way which adjusts for time since publication is to rank the articles by Eysenbach's twimpact factor (tw7), which is the number of tweets accumulated in the first week after its publication. This method was proposed in the seminal article "Can Tweets predict citations?" which also happens to be the most tweeted and most cited (adjusted by age) article of JMIR of all times (note this article is not on the following list, because here we only rank the top articles published in 2014).

  1. Mind the Gap: Social Media Engagement by Public Health Researchers Brett Keller, Alain Labrique, Kriti M Jain, Andrew Pekosz, Orin Levine tw7:164
  2. The Use of Social Networking Sites for Public Health Practice and Research: A Systematic Review Daniel Capurro, Kate Cole, Maria I. Echavarría, Jonathan Joe, Tina Neogi, Anne M Turner tw7:137
  3. The 1% Rule in Four Digital Health Social Networks: An Observational Study Trevor D van Mierlo tw7: 126
  4. Is Biblioleaks Inevitable? Adam G Dunn, Enrico Coiera, Kenneth D Mandl tw7: 117
  5. Social Media: A Review and Tutorial of Applications in Medicine and Health Care Francisco Jose J Grajales III, Samuel Sheps, Kendall Ho, Helen Novak-Lauscher, Gunther Eysenbach tw7:115
  6. Tweeting for and Against Public Health Policy: Response to the Chicago Department of Public Health's Electronic Cigarette Twitter Campaign Jenine K K Harris, Sarah Moreland-Russell, Bechara Choucair, Raed Mansour, Mackenzie Staub, Kendall Simmons tw7: 94
  7. Characterizing the Followers and Tweets of a Marijuana-Focused Twitter Handle Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, Melissa Krauss, Richard Grucza, Laura Bierut tw7: 91
  8. mHealth and Mobile Medical Apps: A Framework to Assess Risk and Promote Safer Use Thomas Lorchan Lewis, Jeremy C Wyatt tw7: 85
  9. How Doctors View and Use Social Media: A National Survey James Harold Brown, Christopher Ryan, Anthony Harris tw7: 68
  10. Massive Open Online Courses on Health and Medicine: Review Tharindu Rekha Rekha Liyanagunawardena, Shirley Ann Williams tw7: 68