(Aug 25th, 2011) Authors of RCTs are required to report the trial in accordance with the CONSORT checklist. JMIR is now pilot-testing a CONSORT-EHEALTH checklist, which is an extension of the generic CONSORT checklist - please download the checklist from . Although this checklist is primarily intended for randomized trials, the section of the checklist describing how an intervention should be reported is also relevant for manuscripts with other evaluation designs. Authors of RCTs are required to fill in the electronic version at before submission (or during revision) with quotes from their (revised) paper (if you wish to comment on the importance of the items from the checklist for reporting, please also rate each item on a scale between 1-5). BEFORE you press submit, please generate a pdf of the form with your responses and upload this file as supplementary file entitled CONSORT-EHEALTH V1.6. A CONSORT-flowdiagram and a attrition diagram are also strongly recommended (as figures). UPDATE Dec 31, 2011: Please also read the editorial: CONSORT-EHEALTH: Improving and Standardizing Evaluation Reports of Web-based and Mobile Health Interventions Gunther Eysenbach, CONSORT-EHEALTH Group J Med Internet Res 2011 (Dec 31); 13(4):e126 HTML (open access): PDF (members only):