New membership types: Individual Memberships with APF waivers

NEW SINCE AUG, 16th, 2011: Memberships with APF waivers can now also be restricted to papers with a specific author/coauthor rather than papers coming from a specific department of institution. These are called i-Silver memberships (3/5/10-yr Individual Membership with APF waiver). i-Silver memberships include access to PDF files and APF (Article Processing Fee) waivers for a specific number of articles submitted and accepted during the membership period if the membership owner is a (co)author. The i-Silver membership provides the same benefits (and is priced equally) as the (departmental) Silver membership. The only difference compared to departmental Silver memberships is that i-Silver memberships are tied to an individual as author or coauthor of manuscripts, i.e. all manuscripts with the subscription owner as author or co-author are exempt from the APF (this is different from the departmental Silver memberships, where the corresponding author needs to be affiliated with the member department). So with the i-Silver membership you can now change your affiliation (and still be eligible for APF waivers), or have APFs waived for manuscripts where the corresponding author is from another institution (and you are a coauthor). The new 3-yr Individual Membership with APF waiver [i-Silver membership] costs $5000, and includes the APF for up to 3 articles (a $5700 value), which saves you up to $700 in APF. The savings are even greater for 5-year memberships (which costs $7917, but includes APFs for up to 5 articles, which is a $9500 value) or 10 year memberships (which include up to 10 APFs, which is a $19,000 value). For details and a complete price list see To request a membership, go to