JMIR to pilot-test CONSORT-EHEALTH checklist

THE POST BELOW IS OUTDATED - A NEW VERSION OF THE CHECKLIST IS AVAILABLE - see Archived announcement: ================== JMIR is pilot-testing and soliciting feedback on a new instrument intended to improve the reporting of ehealth and mhealth trials: CONSORT-EHEALTH. The checklist is available at The checklist is an extension of the well-known CONSORT checklist (Consolidated Standards for Reporting Randomized Trials), expanding and elaborating some of the CONSORT items for ehealth trials. After some pilot-testing, the checklist will replace the CONSORT checklist at JMIR and other journals adopting the checklist. JMIR is currently soliciting feedback from authors, editors, research users, and reviewers on the items. To provide feedback, fill in the survey at Users filling in the survey will be acknowledged in the final CONSORT-EHEALTH publication. The deadline for feedback has been extended until Sun, May 1st, 2011