JMIR Publications Collaborates with E-Health Venture’s Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Innovation Projects

JMIR Publications Collaborates with E-Health Venture’s Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Innovation Projects

(Toronto/Anderlecht, December 14, 2021) JMIR Publications today announces its collaboration with E-Health Venture (EHV) on their Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Projects. Digital therapeutics solutions leverage software and behavioural science to offer new ways of treating or managing medical conditions. They require both clinical and real-world proof of efficacy. Obtaining this proof is costly and complicated, discouraging entrepreneurs and researchers from advancing their concepts or early designs into robust digital interventions.

JMIR Publications is delighted to partner with EHV for their ‘DTx Advance’ program, which will de-risk, support, and accelerate the process of developing a DTx application. Selected projects will receive funding, coaching/support, as well as access to hospitals and university stakeholders to consult in design and rollout.

Adrian Stanley, JMIR Publications’ General Manager, says,

“The team at E-Health Ventures are assembling an impressive ensemble of partners to harmonize research and commercial interests in supporting the growth of DTx development in Europe.  We’re honored to be included in this community, expanding our offerings to authors  that translate their important study results into high-impact knowledge.”

As a collaborator JMIR Publications will assist in talent matching and identifying research published across our portfolio that has the potential to develop into effective digital measures. This partnership will include calls for research to support/explore current projects, and invite new ideas for consideration. As projects continue to develop and require further investigation or validation, we welcome publication of any follow up research or datasets in our journals to complete a transparent development process of an effective therapeutic.

We are excited to join E-Health Venture in our shared mission to promote evidence-based  digital health measures and tools as critical components of healthcare.

You can find more information about the DTx Projects, the Call for Projects, and get in contact with the EHV team with your own ideas at:

About E-Health Ventures E-Health Venture was founded in 2019 to stimulate, structure, fund and accelerate the growth of digital health projects in Belgium. We work alongside key players in the healthcare space: hospitals, universities, insurers, mutualities, tech providers, etc. We look to our partners for medical, tech and go-to market expertise. In return, we strive to keep them informed about innovative trends and we provide them with a platform for developing promising projects.

About JMIR Publications JMIR Publications is the leading, born-digital, open-access publisher of academic journals and other innovative scientific communication products that focus on medicine, health, and technology. Its flagship journal, the Journal of Medical Internet Research, is the leading digital health journal globally in terms of quality and visibility in the medical informatics category and is the largest journal in the field. You can visit us at and email us at