JMIR Publications Honors Peer Reviewers for Peer Review Week 2021

JMIR Publications Honors Peer Reviewers for Peer Review Week 2021

In honor of Peer Review Week 2021, JMIR Publications would like to take this opportunity to earnestly thank all our peer reviewers for their contributions to the publishing process.

Without their tireless efforts, we would not have the quality and rigor of the research available across the portfolio. Our reviewers take time out of their busy schedules to provide insightful and constructive feedback. When we talk to our authors, the outstanding quality of the comments they have received is a common theme and forms a cornerstone of JMIR’s reputation. In 2020, we published work from authors across 157 countries, an accomplishment that our reviewers should feel proud of and have directly contributed to; publishing global perspectives on digital health is an integral part of JMIR’s mission as an Open Science leader.

The theme of Peer Review Week 2021—“Identity in Peer-Review”—aligns perfectly with our vision for a fully transparent scientific discourse. Since our first issue in 1999, we have acknowledged each contributing peer reviewer by name in every article published. We continually innovate with new methods of open review, such as our collaboration with PREreview on Preprint Journal Clubs and our Karma Credits system, which provides tangible benefits for a review in the form of currency redeemable on Article Processing Fees and Knowledge Translation Services.

During this week, JMIR Publications will be showcasing our efforts on the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining research quality and how it has never been more important to academic publishing. We encourage you to follow our social media channels (LinkedIn/Twitter)  and our YouTube channel to learn more about some of the exciting and innovative projects JMIR Publications is working on and opportunities to review in new and novel ways. We invite you to share your peer review experiences or anecdotes you may have around the importance of transparent identity in review!

Most importantly, thank you. On behalf of our CEO, Gunther Eysenbach, our Editors-in-Chief, Editorial Board Members, and all the staff here at JMIR Publications, we are extremely grateful to our reviewers worldwide, this week and beyond, for their previous and ongoing contributions to the peer review process.