JMIR Publications Supports a Balanced Approach to Truly "Transform to Open Science"

The Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA) interest group, Fully OA Journal Publishers, is encouraging greater focus on “Fully OA” publishing agreements with library and institutional partners through its latest guest post on the OASPA website. Read the full post here.

JMIR Publications co-authored and supports the statement published by the OASPA’s Fully OA Journal Publishers Interest Group, which encourages and proposes a greater focus on “Fully OA” publishing agreements (sometimes referred to as “Pure Publish” agreements). 

Currently, much time and energy is, by necessity, devoted to Transformative Agreements and transforming subscription models. This new statement proposes a balanced approach whereby institutions also partner with fully OA publishers to fulfill their open research strategies and serve the needs of their research and teaching communities. 

JMIR Publications and the interest group are certain that libraries do not want authors to be forced, or simply habituated, into not being able to choose a fully OA publisher simply because institutional agreements exist only with transitioning subscription or mixed-model publishers.  

For more information on JMIR Publications’ “Transform to Open Science” initiative and institutional memberships, click here.