Special Issue on Using Technology to Detect, Combat, and Prevent Research Misconduct: Call for Papers

The Journal of Medical Internet Research—the leading eHealth journal with an impact factor of 4.7 and ranked #1 in its category—is planning to publish a special issue on using technology to detect and combat research misconduct (Guest Editor: Ana Marusic).

The special issue will publish original research, viewpoint papers, and tutorials covering detection methods, prevention methods, and dissemination methods such as preprints and online peer-review reports, as well as ethical issues that arise from using new technologies.

Examples of topics we are interested in:

  • The role of preprints in creating new ethical issues and/or in detecting research misconduct
  • Plagiarism detection (software/algorithms)
  • Impact of web-based training programs for researchers
  • Technological methods to detect data inconsistencies or data fabrication
  • The role of large databases
  • Trial registration and registered reports
  • Automated peer-review or software that flags potential issues
  • Artificial intelligence applications for peer-review
  • Automated methods to decide on authorship or order of authors
  • Dissemination methods
  • Education and training of researchers using new media
  • Software to detect the inappropriate manipulation of image data
  • Software or algorithms to check the reported statistical results in articles for consistency
  • Transparency throughout the research process, including the availability of data and code
  • Analysis of how retracted papers are covered on the internet and in popular media
  • Blogs, websites, and other tools covering research misconduct or facilitating the discussion of suspicious publications and uncovering research misconduct
  • Databases of scientific misconduct
  • Post-publication peer-review, including new platforms and approaches allowing commenting on published research
  • Blockchain approaches
  • Detecting and preventing peer-review fraud, peer-reviewer identity management, etc

How to Submit

In step 1 of the submission process (http://www.jmir.org/author) select the section “Theme Issue 2019: Using Technology to Detect, Combat, and Prevent Research Misconduct” from the section drop-down box (see also: How do I submit to a theme issue?).

For this special issue, the submission fees are waived and the regular Article Processing Fee is discounted by 20%.

Deadline for Submissions

Sept 15, 2019