Technical Analyst / Web Developer (PHP/LAMP) as JMIR Technical Lead (Toronto, Canada)

POSITION VACANCY: Technical Analyst - PHP/LAMP Web-developer

EMPLOYER: University Health Network ( - Centre for Global eHealth Innovation (, Toronto General Hospital - Eysenbach Research Group, Toronto

The Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR - is an international, interdisciplinary, scientific, peer-reviewed journal focused on eHealth, i.e. the development, evaluation and application of information and communication technologies in the health care field, with an emphasis on Internet-and intranet-related technologies. The journal was one of the worlds first Open Access journals in the health field, and serves as an experimental model for novel ways of publishing and peer-review. It was also an early adopter of OJS (Open Journal Systems) and contributed to its development. The Eysenbach Research Group at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation experiments with cross-media publishing techniques, using extensible markup language (XML) as well as other technologies and collaborates with the Public Knowledge Project at the University of British Columbia, developing a variety of open source toolkits for Open Access publishing (such as Open Journal Systems, OJS) and related e-publishing projects, for example WebCite (, an archiving system for cited web-based material. The Eysenbach Research Group seeks 1-2 web-developer(s) who will be in charge for JMIR/OJS/WebCite-related activities, including but not limited to:

* enhancing and maintaining the functionality of the Journal of Medical Internet Research ( )

* designing and implementing a web archiving system ( ) with PHP/MySQL

* writing and running scripts to automatically tag articles with XML for publication

* typesetting (XML-tagging) manuscripts

* * developing new ways to improve online academic publishing and promote open access publishing

* resolving any server/technical issues that arise with either or * supporting site users, authors, etc.

* providing technical guidance and support for new research projects

Required Skills

* capable of multi-tasking and prioritizing

* intimately familiar with ALL aspects of LAMP-based Web development

* able to work in a shell environment

* knowledge of XML and related technologies (XSL XPath, DOM)

* excellent problem solving skills and a love for technical challenges

The following are also considered assets

* JavaScript, CSS, AJAX

* familiarity with regular expressions

* interest in scholarly / open access publishing

* familiarity with research databases and their related technical challenges

* desire to work in the non-profit / research sector

* interest in and knowledge about Web 2.0 approaches

* information science background, with technical knowledge about bibliographic and other metadata

* interest in webarchiving and digital preservation issues 

* experience with content management systems, wikis etc

*  a hand and eye for design, experience with tools like Flash

* experience with developing large/complex projects 

* experience with RAILS would be an asset, but is not required

The University Health Network has repeatedly been selected as one of Canadas top 100 employers ( The position is based in downtown Toronto, but we are willing to discuss a teleworking arrangement or working from home for 1 day/wk. We are thinking of a permanent full-time employee, but are also willing to discuss part-time temporary employments.

Salary Range: Approx. $40-65k p.a., depending on experience


How to apply

In your cover letter, please spell out how you address all the points above, and mention your current salary or salary expectations. For further information on OJS, please read the OJS Technical Reference .

For further information on the digital preservation project WebCite, please check out the website at and look at related websites such as

Email CV and cover email to geysenba at gmail dot com. 

REPOSTED 26/Nov/2008