About this Publishing System

OJS Fork by Eysenbach epublishing Lab and JMIR Publications Inc.

Based on John Willinsky's Open journal Systems V1.4, JMIR Publications Inc. has invested over 10 years in R&D to create a customized, fully web-based, XML-based manuscript management system, incorporating many JMIR specific epublishing innovations. Some of them were donated and fed back into the OJS core code*, but some remain proprietary.

This includes

  • OrangeX (online reference checking system), fully integrated in the copyediting/typesetting production process, with WebCite(R) support
  • Fast-track publishing*
  • Open peer-review
  • Subscription/Membership management*
  • User interface improvements
  • Metadata model compatible with Medline and PubMed Central, completely revised submission forms
  • Handling of Figures and Multimedia Appendices
  • Fully automated Pubmed Central XML generation
  • Article-level metrics, incl. citation metrics and tweetation metrics