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TOC Image Guidelines

Any file being prepared for use as an article’s TOC image must adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

  1. The file must be in a size ratio of 4:3 with the smallest acceptable file being 800px by 600px. (The ideal size is 1200px by 900px.)
  2. To make sure your image is good, please refrain from choosing anything in a portrait ratio as use of whitespace around the image is prohibited.
  3. In addition to not using a portrait aspect ratio, please also avoid using an ultra-wide ratio such as 4:2 (800px by 400px).
  4. Low quality and often used clip art is discouraged.
  5. All images must be in color; black and white images are prohibited.
  6. Unless the article is to be published in Research Protocols, logos can not be used as a TOC image.
  7. Screenshots of websites with too much text are prohibited as text in images renders poorly especially at smaller sizes.
  8. Graphs or charts if used as a TOC need to contain no text, or in the case of a small amount of text, it must be in a very large font size.
Incorrect (portrait ratio):
Incorrect (ultra-wide ratio):
Incorrect (whitespace):
For Research Protocols only:
Incorrect (blurry, text-heavy):
Incorrect (text-heavy):
Incorrect (generic, clip art):