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Journal of Medical Internet Research

(posted May 10th, 2007) 

JMIR is now in its 10th publishing year and - for an open access journal - extraordinarily successful. This year we expect our first official impact factor which will catapult the journal in the top 3 health informatics journals.

However, with an increasing submission load we have to make urgent investments in our publication system.

We have to raise $100.000 within the next 6 months to invest in manpower to upgrade our publication system.

To boost our number of memberships and to raise urgently needed capital we are - for a limited time - offering 3 year, 5 year and 10 year institutional membership specials.


Should we for any reason cease to publish (unlikely - as we are publishing since 10 years without missing a single issue), we will refund partial memberships.

For details and pricing of memberships, click here . To request long-term memberships please contact us through this form.