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Currently accepted at: Journal of Medical Internet Research

Date Submitted: Apr 15, 2019
Open Peer Review Period: Apr 17, 2019 - Jun 12, 2019
Date Accepted: Aug 18, 2019
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This paper has been accepted and is currently in production.

It will appear shortly on 10.2196/14394

The final accepted version (not copyedited yet) is in this tab.

Connected Health: Systematic Mapping Study

  • Maria Karampela; 
  • Minna Isomursu; 
  • Talya Porat; 
  • Christos Maramis; 
  • Nicola Mountford; 
  • Guido Giunti; 
  • Ioanna Chouvarda; 
  • Fedor Lehocki


This study examines the development of the connected health (CH) research landscape with a view to providing an overview of the existing CH research. The research field of CH has experienced rapid growth coinciding with increasing pressure on health care systems to become more proactive and patient centered.


This study aimed to assess the extent and coverage of the current body of knowledge in CH. In doing so, we sought to identify specific topics that have drawn the attention of CH researchers and to identify research gaps, in particular those offering opportunities for further interdisciplinary research.


A systematic mapping study that combined scientific contributions from research in the disciplines of medicine, business, computer science, and engineering was used. Overall, 7 classification criteria to analyze the papers, including publication source, publication year, research type, empirical type, contribution type, research topic, and the medical condition studied were used.


The search resulted in 208 papers that were analyzed by a multidisciplinary group of researchers. The results indicated a slow start for CH research but showed a more recent steady upswing since 2013. The majority of papers proposed health care solutions (77/208, 37.0%) or evaluated CH approaches (49/208, 23.5%). Case studies (59/208, 28.3%) and experiments (55/208, 26.4%) were the most popular forms of scientific validation used. Diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and heart conditions were among the most prevalent medical conditions studied.


We conclude that CH research has become an established field of research that has grown over the last 5 years. The results of this study indicate a focus on technology-driven research with a strong contribution from medicine, whereas the business aspects of CH have received less research attention.


Please cite as:

Karampela M, Isomursu M, Porat T, Maramis C, Mountford N, Giunti G, Chouvarda I, Lehocki F

Connected Health: Systematic Mapping Study

Journal of Medical Internet Research. (forthcoming/in press)

DOI: 10.2196/preprints.14394


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