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Journal of Medical Internet Research

E-collection 'Special Theme Issue (2013) "Internet of Things" (Guest Editors: Jara, Koch, Ray et al.)'

The evolution of the Internet towards the Future Internet with IPv6, Wireless Personal and Local Area Networks (e.g. 6LoWPAN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi), mobile computing (e.g. smart phones, tablets), as well as the capabilities for global and uniqueness identification of objects (e.g. RFID, NFC), are making it feasible to identify, sense, locate, and connect people, machines, devices and everyday equipment. These new capabilities to link Internet with everyday devices, forms of identification and communication among people and things, and exploitation of data capture, define the so-called Internet of things. This is opening an opportunity not only to extend the current e-Health approaches to a more pervasive and mobile healthcare prevention, by connecting citizens’/patients’ clinical and everyday devices to the Internet, but also to interconnect them with clinical platforms through the advantages from technologies such as smart clinical devices and wireless technologies. Furthermore, new identification and tracking solutions are being defined for hospital equipment, and smart knowledge-based algorithms are developed to support personalized decision-making in the health and home care sector, in addition to supplementary sectors such as pharmaceutical, in order to improve drug compliance and avoid adverse drugs reactions. The objective of this issue is to report high quality research on recent advances developed in various aspects of e-health, more specifically the state-of-the-art approaches, methodologies, and systems in the design, development, deployment, and innovative use of the technologies, tools, and applications from the Future Internet of Things, People and Services for healthcare and prevention. We invite authors to submit their original papers and contributions addressing (but not limited to) the following topics: Medical communications, protocols, standards and interoperability Personal healthcare informatics solutions Wireless Sensor Networks technologies for e-Health (e.g. 6LoWPAN/Bluetooth/WiFi) Sensor technologies for e-Health and personal healthcare (e.g. ISO/IEEE 11073) Identification technologies for e-Health, surgical and medical systems (e.g. QR/RFID/NFC) Wearable and continuous health monitoring e-Health service management (e.g. Web of Things) Elderly homecare, Tele-health, and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Usability and HCI interfaces based on mobile computing and the Internet of Things Personal Health Record, Information Systems, and Knowledge-Based Solutions Global Healthcare and Citizens’ Prevention Medication adherence, clinical guideline compliance and pharmaceutical applications Tools and techniques to design, implement, and deploy IoT solutions Mobile computing and Ubiquitous Healthcare applications Living labs and field trials with the Internet of Things technologies