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Impact of the Presence of Medical Equipment in Images on Viewers’ Perceptions of the Trustworthiness of an Individual On-Screen
Moyez Jiwa, Stephan Millett, Xingqiong Meng, Vivien M Hewitt
J Med Internet Res 2012;14(4):e100
(Jul 10, 2012)
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11 0.53 13.00 4 15
The Sexunzipped Trial: Optimizing the Design of Online Randomized Controlled Trials
Julia V Bailey, Menelaos Pavlou, Andrew Copas, Ona McCarthy, Ken Carswell, Greta Rait, Graham Hart, Irwin Nazareth, Caroline Free, Rebecca French, Elizabeth Murray
J Med Internet Res 2013;15(12):e278
(Dec 11, 2013)
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10 2.38 13.00 10 75
How is an Electronic Screening and Brief Intervention Tool on Alcohol Use Received in a Student Population? A Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation
Jessica Fraeyman, Paul Van Royen, Bart Vriesacker, Leen De Mey, Guido Van Hal
J Med Internet Res 2012;14(2):e56
(Apr 23, 2012)
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9 0.38 13.00 7 25
Efficacy of Standard Versus Enhanced Features in a Web-Based Commercial Weight-Loss Program for Obese Adults, Part 2: Randomized Controlled Trial
Clare E Collins, Philip J Morgan, Melinda J Hutchesson, Robin Callister
J Med Internet Res 2013;15(7):e140
(Jul 22, 2013)
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6 0.68 13.00 5 45
Human Computation as a New Method for Evidence-Based Knowledge Transfer in Web-Based Guideline Development Groups: Proof of Concept Randomized Controlled Trial
Annemie Heselmans, Bert Aertgeerts, Peter Donceel, Stijn Van de Velde, Peter Vanbrabant, Dirk Ramaekers
J Med Internet Res 2013;15(1):e8
(Jan 17, 2013)
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6 0.41 13.00 5 25
Predicting Successful Treatment Outcome of Web-Based Self-help for Problem Drinkers: Secondary Analysis From a Randomized Controlled Trial
Heleen Riper, Jeannet Kramer, Max Keuken, Filip Smit, Gerard Schippers, Pim Cuijpers
J Med Internet Res 2008;10(4):e46
(Nov 22, 2008)
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3 0.05 13.00 0 0
Active Assistance Technology for Health-Related Behavior Change: An Interdisciplinary Review
Catriona M Kennedy, John Powell, Thomas H Payne, John Ainsworth, Alan Boyd, Iain Buchan
J Med Internet Res 2012;14(3):e80
(Jun 14, 2012)
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14 0.64 12.00 9 30
Perceived Threat and Corroboration: Key Factors That Improve a Predictive Model of Trust in Internet-based Health Information and Advice
Peter R Harris, Elizabeth Sillence, Pam Briggs
J Med Internet Res 2011;13(3):e51
(Jul 27, 2011)
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13 0.40 12.00 13 85
Engagement in a Diabetes Self-management Website: Usage Patterns and Generalizability of Program Use
Russell Glasgow, Steven M Christiansen, Deanna Kurz, Diane K King, Tim Woolley, Andrew J Faber, Paul A Estabrooks, Lisa Strycker, Deborah Toobert, Jennifer Dickman
J Med Internet Res 2011;13(1):e9
(Jan 25, 2011)
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11 0.29 12.00 6 55
Recruitment to a Randomized Web-Based Nutritional Intervention Trial: Characteristics of Participants Compared to Non-Participants
Melanie Stopponi, Debra Ritzwoller, Gwen Alexander, Nikki Carroll, George Divine, Josephine Calvi, Jennifer McClure, Sharon Rolnick, Christine Johnson, Victor Strecher
J Med Internet Res 2009;11(3):e38
(Aug 26, 2009)
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9 0.16 12.00 9 80
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A Tweets per month statistic may be artifically inflated for newly published articles

B Tweets Influence Factor (TIF): number of tweets x avg. influence of tweeters (influence is determined by how often all tweets of that person are retweeted by others)

C Twimpact Factor (TWIF) tw7: Number of mentionings in tweets (tweetations) within first 7 days after article publication (Eysenbach 2011)

D Twindex7 (Eysenbach 2011): Rank percentile of this article when its twimpact factor (tw7) is compared to 19 previously published articles. Range 0-100, with higher scores reflecting higher impact on Twitter. Articles with a Twindex greater than 75 have a 75% chance of being highly cited (top quartile by citation), articles with a Twindex less than 75 have a 7% chance to be highly cited.

 * Tweets Data Collection began January 2008