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A Web-Based Tool to Support Shared Decision Making for People With a Psychotic Disorder: Randomized Controlled Trial and Process Evaluation
Lian van der Krieke, Ando C Emerencia, Nynke Boonstra, Lex Wunderink, Peter de Jonge, Sjoerd Sytema
J Med Internet Res 2013;15(10):e216
(Oct 7, 2013)
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8 0.83 15.00 8 40
Determinants of Participation in a Web-Based Health Risk Assessment and Consequences for Health Promotion Programs
Maurice AJ Niessen, Eva L Laan, Suzan JW Robroek, Marie-Louise Essink-Bot, Niels Peek, Roderik A Kraaijenhagen, Coen K Van Kalken, Alex Burdorf
J Med Internet Res 2013;15(8):e151
(Aug 9, 2013)
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8 0.69 11.00 8 70
Telephone Versus Internet Administration of Self-Report Measures of Social Anxiety, Depressive Symptoms, and Insomnia: Psychometric Evaluation of a Method to Reduce the Impact of Missing Data
Erik Hedman, Brjánn Ljótsson, Kerstin Blom, Samir El Alaoui, Martin Kraepelien, Christian Rück, Gerhard Andersson, Cecilia Svanborg, Nils Lindefors, Viktor Kaldo
J Med Internet Res 2013;15(10):e229
(Oct 18, 2013)
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8 0.86 8.00 8 45
Barriers and Facilitators for the Implementation of an Online Clinical Health Community in Addition to Usual Fertility Care: A Cross-Sectional Study
Johanna WM Aarts, Marjan J Faber, Anne G den Boogert, Ben J Cohlen, Paul JQ van der Linden, Jan AM Kremer, Willianne LDM Nelen
J Med Internet Res 2013;15(8):e163
(Aug 30, 2013)
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8 0.74 10.00 8 45
Longitudinal Accuracy of Web-Based Self-Reported Weights: Results From the Hopkins POWER Trial
Gerald J Jerome, Arlene Dalcin, Janelle W Coughlin, Stephanie Fitzpatrick, Nae-Yuh Wang, Nowella Durkin, Hsin-Chieh Yeh, Jeanne Charleston, Thomas Pozefsky, Gail L Daumit, Jeanne M Clark, Thomas A Louis, Lawrence J Appel
J Med Internet Res 2014;16(7):e173
(Jul 15, 2014)
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8 13.78 0.00 8 55
Does Self-Selection Affect Samples’ Representativeness in Online Surveys? An Investigation in Online Video Game Research
Yasser Khazaal, Mathias van Singer, Anne Chatton, Sophia Achab, Daniele Zullino, Stephane Rothen, Riaz Khan, Joel Billieux, Gabriel Thorens
J Med Internet Res 2014;16(7):e164
(Jul 7, 2014)
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8 9.54 0.00 8 65
Pain-QuILT: Clinical Feasibility of a Web-Based Visual Pain Assessment Tool in Adults With Chronic Pain
Chitra Lalloo, Dinesh Kumbhare, Jennifer N Stinson, James L Henry
J Med Internet Res 2014;16(5):e127
(May 12, 2014)
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8 3.02 0.00 8 75
Medicine 2.0: Social Networking, Collaboration, Participation, Apomediation, and Openness
Gunther Eysenbach
J Med Internet Res 2008;10(3):e22
(Aug 25, 2008)
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7 0.58 10.00 8 100
Open Source, Open Standards, and Health Care Information Systems
Carl J Reynolds, Jeremy C Wyatt
J Med Internet Res 2011;13(1):e24
(Feb 17, 2011)
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4 0.33 0.00 8 30
A Text Messaging-Based Smoking Cessation Program for Adult Smokers: Randomized Controlled Trial
Michele Ybarra, A. Tülay Bağcı Bosi, Josephine Korchmaros, Salih Emri
J Med Internet Res 2012;14(6):e172
(Dec 27, 2012)
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1 0.08 0.00 8 60
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A Tweets per month statistic may be artifically inflated for newly published articles

B Tweets Influence Factor (TIF): number of tweets x avg. influence of tweeters (influence is determined by how often all tweets of that person are retweeted by others)

C Twimpact Factor (TWIF) tw7: Number of mentionings in tweets (tweetations) within first 7 days after article publication (Eysenbach 2011)

D Twindex7 (Eysenbach 2011): Rank percentile of this article when its twimpact factor (tw7) is compared to 19 previously published articles. Range 0-100, with higher scores reflecting higher impact on Twitter. Articles with a Twindex greater than 75 have a 75% chance of being highly cited (top quartile by citation), articles with a Twindex less than 75 have a 7% chance to be highly cited.