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Motives for Participating in a Web-Based Nutrition Cohort According to Sociodemographic, Lifestyle, and Health Characteristics: The NutriNet-Santé Cohort Study
Caroline Méjean, Fabien Szabo de Edelenyi, Mathilde Touvier, Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot, Chantal Julia, Valentina A Andreeva, Serge Hercberg
J Med Internet Res 2014;16(8):e189
(Aug 7, 2014)
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1 1.00 0.00 4 55
Short-Term Effectiveness of Web-Based Guided Self-Help for Phobic Outpatients: Randomized Controlled Trial
Robin N Kok, Annemieke van Straten, Aartjan T F Beekman, Pim Cuijpers
J Med Internet Res 2014;16(9):e226
(Sep 29, 2014)
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3 92.88 0.00 3 50
Comparison of Virtual Patient Simulation With Mannequin-Based Simulation for Improving Clinical Performances in Assessing and Managing Clinical Deterioration: Randomized Controlled Trial
Sok Ying Liaw, Sally Wai-Chi Chan, Fun-Gee Chen, Shing Chuan Hooi, Chiang Siau
J Med Internet Res 2014;16(9):e214
(Sep 17, 2014)
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3 7.15 0.00 3 35
The Internet as a Vehicle to Communicate Health Information During a Public Health Emergency: A Survey Analysis Involving the Anthrax Scare of 2001
Anne F Kittler, John Hobbs, Lynn A Volk, Gary L Kreps, David W Bates
J Med Internet Res 2004;6(1):e8
(Mar 3, 2004)
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2 2.00 0.00 3 95
Applying Computer Adaptive Testing to Optimize Online Assessment of Suicidal Behavior: A Simulation Study
Derek Paul De Beurs, Anton LM de Vries, Marieke H de Groot, Jos de Keijser, Ad JFM Kerkhof
J Med Internet Res 2014;16(9):e207
(Sep 11, 2014)
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2 3.26 0.00 2 35
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A Tweets per month statistic may be artifically inflated for newly published articles

B Tweets Influence Factor (TIF): number of tweets x avg. influence of tweeters (influence is determined by how often all tweets of that person are retweeted by others)

C Twimpact Factor (TWIF) tw7: Number of mentionings in tweets (tweetations) within first 7 days after article publication (Eysenbach 2011)

D Twindex7 (Eysenbach 2011): Rank percentile of this article when its twimpact factor (tw7) is compared to 19 previously published articles. Range 0-100, with higher scores reflecting higher impact on Twitter. Articles with a Twindex greater than 75 have a 75% chance of being highly cited (top quartile by citation), articles with a Twindex less than 75 have a 7% chance to be highly cited.