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A Text Message-Based Intervention for Weight Loss: Randomized Controlled Trial
Kevin Patrick, Fred Raab, Marc Adams, Lindsay Dillon, Marion Zabinski, Cheryl Rock, William Griswold, Gregory Norman
J Med Internet Res 2009;11(1):e1
(Jan 13, 2009)
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12 0.18
Understanding the Factors That Influence the Adoption and Meaningful Use of Social Media by Physicians to Share Medical Information
Brian S McGowan, Molly Wasko, Bryan Steven Vartabedian, Robert S Miller, Desirae D Freiherr, Maziar Abdolrasulnia
J Med Internet Res 2012;14(5):e117
(Sep 24, 2012)
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15 0.70
Social Uses of Personal Health Information Within PatientsLikeMe, an Online Patient Community: What Can Happen When Patients Have Access to One Another’s Data
Jeana Frost, Michael Massagli
J Med Internet Res 2008;10(3):e15
(May 27, 2008)
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18 0.25
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