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JMIR Challenges announced


(7 Dec 2015, Toronto) JMIR Publications is proud to announce the creation of a new platform and journal for innovators and organizations seeking solutions and trying to stimulate innovation: JMIR Challenges.

The platform is now open for submissions from solution seekers or "sponsors" of a challenge or an award/prize.

Do you have a problem or question for the worlds' leading health innovators? For example, are you looking for software wireframes, blueprints, behavior change architectures, workflows, ideas or feedback from experts in the field, or do you need a piece of software development or software architecture outsourced? Or do you have an open dataset or big data resource and looking for experts to analyze the data? Do you want to sponsor a monetary or non-monetary prize/award for compelling solutions for a pressing public health problem? Is your research or development stuck because you need input from a broader community?  JMIR has a network of over 60.000 potential problem-solvers and idea generators: eHealth researchers and health experts, e-patients, leaders and innovators, including the top scientists in the fields of informatics, behavioral sciences, mental health, serious games, mHealth, ubiquitous computing, human factors, bioinformatics and biotechnology (sign up here). JMIR Challenges is a new platform connecting "solution-seekers" (sponsors) (companies, or other researchers) with "solution-providers" (entrants) (innovators, researchers, developers in the ehealth space).

Solution seekers submit a competition document (template here) specifying what they are looking for, the prize/award, and the detailed rules of the competition including evaluation process and criteria. After an internal review, JMIR Challenges will publish the competition document (the solution seeker can remain anonymous, if requested).

For a template for a competition document and submission guidelines see Author Guidelines.

There are no costs for the first challenges hosted on JMIR Challenges.

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