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New JMIR journals - no submission or publication fees!

We are pleased to announce our forthcoming new journals, all of which have currently no submission or publication fees, and all of which focus on emerging technologies and patient-centered innovations in specific areas, going beyond Internet/webbased interventions:
* JMIR Cancer (
* JMIR Medical Education (
* JMIR Public Health and Surveillance (
We welcome submissions for the inaugural issues of these journals.

The following journals have already published articles and are still free of charge to publish in (no submission or publication fees):
* JMIR Human Factors (
* JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies (
* JMIR Mental Health ( (APF after March 1st, 2015)

To submit to these journals, simply append /author to the URLs above, or submit to the main JMIR journal and use the dropdown-box in step 1 to change the journal name.

All journals offer careful copyediting and typesetting of manuscripts, and submission to PubMed and PubMed Central (being new journals it may however take a few month until they appear in PubMed).

We are also happy to announce that JMIR Medical Informatics and JMIR Serious Games are now indexed in PubMed.
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