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Journal of Medical Internet Research

Or move an existing subscription-based journal to an electronic journal / OA journal

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The JMIR team has over 10 years experience with electronic publishing, open access publishing, open peer-review, digital archiving and indexing, business models and publishing tools. In addition to doing research on electronic and open access publishing, this group offers hosting of OJS (Open Journal Systems)-based journals and consulting services for organizations and individuals interested in publishing electronic journals, conference proceedings etc. We can act as a publisher for your journal (without assuming ownership), can take care of XML markup, PubMed indexing etc., and can also assists with software development/customization and hosting of your journalJMIR also has developed a unique hybrid business model combining open access and a membership scheme with other revenue streams which may be applicable to your journal.

Note that if you publish your journal with a commercial publisher you usually sign away ownership of your journal. In contrast, we assist with models where this is not the case. Ownership of the journal title remains with the client, unless agreed upon otherwise.

Please contact geysenba at for further information and a free initial consultation.