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The Effect of the General Data Protection Regulation on Medical Research
by John Mark Michael Rumbold, Barbara Pierscionek
(Published on 24 Feb 2017)
Background: The enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will impact on European data science. Particular concerns relating to consent requirements that would severely restrict medical data research have been raised. Objective: Our objective is to explain the changes in data protection laws that apply to medical research and to discuss their potential impact. Methods: Analysis of ethicolegal requirements imposed by the GDPR. Results: The GDPR makes the classification of pseudonymised data as personal data clearer, although it has not been entirely resolved. Biomedical research on personal data where consent has not been obtained must be of substantial public interest. Conclusions: The GDPR introduces protections for data subjects that aim for consistency across the EU....
A Web-Based Physical Activity Intervention for Spanish-Speaking Latinas: A Costs and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
by Britta Larsen, Bess Marcus, Dori Pekmezi, Sheri Hartman, Todd Gilmer
(Published on 22 Feb 2017)
Background: Latinas report particularly low levels of physical activity and suffer from greater rates of lifestyle-related conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Interventions are needed that can increase physical activity in this growing population in a large-scale, cost-effective manner. Web-based interventions may have potential given the increase in Internet use among Latinas and the scalability of Web-based programs. Objective: To examine the costs and cost-effectiveness of a Web-based, Spanish-language physical activity intervention for Latinas compared to a wellness contact control. Methods: Healthy adult Latina women (N=205) were recruited from the community and randomly assigned to receive a Spanish-language, Web-based, individually tailored physical activity intervention...

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