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Modelling and Predicting eHealth Usage in Europe: A Multidimensional Approach From an Online Survey of 13,000 European Union Internet Users
by Joan Torrent-Sellens, Ángel Díaz-Chao, Ivan Soler-Ramos, Francesc Saigí-Rubió
(Published on 22 Jul 2016)
Background: More advanced methods and models are needed to evaluate the participation of patients and citizens in the shared health care model that eHealth proposes. Objective: The goal of our study was to design and evaluate a predictive multidimensional model of eHealth usage. Methods: We used 2011 survey data from a sample of 13,000 European citizens aged 16–74 years who had used the Internet in the previous 3 months. We proposed and tested an eHealth usage composite indicator through 2-stage structural equation modelling with latent variables and measurement errors. Logistic regression (odds ratios, ORs) to model the predictors of eHealth usage was calculated using health status and sociodemographic independent variables. Results: The dimensions with more explanatory power of...
Health Care Applicability of a Patient-Centric Web Portal for Patients’ Medication Experience
by Song Hee Hong, Woojung Lee, Yazed AlRuthia
(Published on 22 Jul 2016)
Background: With the advent of the patient-centered care paradigm, it is important to examine what patients’ reports of medication experience (PROME) mean to patient care. PROME available through a Web portal provide information on medication treatment options and outcomes from the patient’s perspective. Patients who find certain PROME compelling are likely to mention them at their physician visit, triggering a discussion between the patient and the physician. However, no studies have examined PROME’s potential applicability to patient care. Objective: This study aimed to examine older (≥50 years) adults’ perceptions of the health care applicability of a hypothetical PROME Web portal. Specifically, this study investigated whether PROME would facilitate patient-physician...

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