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Usability and Acceptance of the Librarian Infobutton Tailoring Environment: An Open Access Online Knowledge Capture, Management, and Configuration Tool for OpenInfobutton
by Xia Jing, James J Cimino, Guilherme Del Fiol
(Published on 30 Nov 2015)
Background: The Librarian Infobutton Tailoring Environment (LITE) is a Web-based knowledge capture, management, and configuration tool with which users can build profiles used by OpenInfobutton, an open source infobutton manager, to provide electronic health record users with context-relevant links to online knowledge resources. Objective: We conducted a multipart evaluation study to explore users’ attitudes and acceptance of LITE and to guide future development. Methods: The evaluation consisted of an initial online survey to all LITE users, followed by an observational study of a subset of users in which evaluators’ sessions were recorded while they conducted assigned tasks. The observational study was followed by administration of a modified System Usability Scale (SUS)...
Empowerment of Cancer Survivors Through Information Technology: An Integrative Review
by Wim G Groen, Wilma Kuijpers, Hester SA Oldenburg, Michel WJM Wouters, Neil K Aaronson, Wim H van Harten
(Published on 27 Nov 2015)
Background: Patient empowerment may be an effective approach to strengthen the role of cancer survivors and to reduce the burden on health care. However, it is not well conceptualized, notably in oncology. Furthermore, it is unclear to what extent information technology (IT) services can contribute to empowerment of cancer survivors. Objective: We aim to define the conceptual components of patient empowerment of chronic disease patients, especially cancer survivors, and to explore the contribution of existing and new IT services to promote empowerment. Methods: Electronic databases were searched to identify theoretical and empirical articles regarding empowerment. We extracted and synthesized conceptual components of patient empowerment (ie, attributes, antecedents, and consequences)...

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