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“Nothing About Me Without Me”: An Interpretative Review of Patient Accessible Electronic Health Records
by Sagar Ramesh Jilka, Ryan Callahan, Nick Sevdalis, Erik K Mayer, Ara Darzi
(Published on 29 Jun 2015)
Background: Patient accessible electronic health records (PAEHRs) enable patients to access and manage personal clinical information that is made available to them by their health care providers (HCPs). It is thought that the shared management nature of medical record access improves patient outcomes and improves patient satisfaction. However, recent reviews have found that this is not the case. Furthermore, little research has focused on PAEHRs from the HCP viewpoint. HCPs include physicians, nurses, and service providers. Objective: We provide a systematic review of reviews of the impact of giving patients record access from both a patient and HCP point of view. The review covers a broad range of outcome measures, including patient safety, patient satisfaction, privacy and security,...
Mapping Power Law Distributions in Digital Health Social Networks: Methods, Interpretations, and Practical Implications
by Trevor van Mierlo, Douglas Hyatt, Andrew T Ching
(Published on 25 Jun 2015)
Background: Social networks are common in digital health. A new stream of research is beginning to investigate the mechanisms of digital health social networks (DHSNs), how they are structured, how they function, and how their growth can be nurtured and managed. DHSNs increase in value when additional content is added, and the structure of networks may resemble the characteristics of power laws. Power laws are contrary to traditional Gaussian averages in that they demonstrate correlated phenomena. Objectives: The objective of this study is to investigate whether the distribution frequency in four DHSNs can be characterized as following a power law. A second objective is to describe the method used to determine the comparison. Methods: Data from four DHSNs—Alcohol Help Center...

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