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An Internet-Based Intervention for Depression in Primary Care in Spain: A Randomized Controlled Trial
by Jesús Montero-Marín, Ricardo Araya, María C Pérez-Yus, Fermín Mayoral, Margalida Gili, Cristina Botella, Rosa Baños, Adoración Castro, Pablo Romero-Sanchiz, Yolanda López-Del-Hoyo, Raquel Nogueira-Arjona, Margarita Vives, Antoni Riera, Javier García-Campayo
(Published on 26 Aug 2016)
Background: Depression is the most prevalent cause of illness-induced disability worldwide. Face-to-face psychotherapeutic interventions for depression can be challenging, so there is a need for other alternatives that allow these interventions to be offered. One feasible alternative is Internet-based psychological interventions. This is the first randomized controlled trial (RCT) on the effectiveness of an Internet-based intervention on depression in primary health care in Spain. Objective: Our aim was to compare the effectiveness of a low-intensity therapist-guided (LITG) Internet-based program and a completely self-guided (CSG) Internet-based program with improved treatment as usual (iTAU) care for depression. Methods: Multicenter, three-arm, parallel, RCT design, carried out between...
A Multirelational Social Network Analysis of an Online Health Community for Smoking Cessation
by Kang Zhao, Xi Wang, Sarah Cha, Amy M Cohn, George D Papandonatos, Michael S Amato, Jennifer L Pearson, Amanda L Graham
(Published on 25 Aug 2016)
Background: Online health communities (OHCs) provide a convenient and commonly used way for people to connect around shared health experiences, exchange information, and receive social support. Users often interact with peers via multiple communication methods, forming a multirelational social network. Use of OHCs is common among smokers, but to date, there have been no studies on users’ online interactions via different means of online communications and how such interactions are related to smoking cessation. Such information can be retrieved in multirelational social networks and could be useful in the design and management of OHCs. Objective: To examine the social network structure of an OHC for smoking cessation using a multirelational approach, and to explore links between...

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