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Recent Articles

Internet Search and Krokodil in the Russian Federation: An Infoveillance Study
by Andrey Zheluk, Casey Quinn, Peter Meylakhs
(Published on 18 Sep 2014)
Background: Krokodil is an informal term for a cheap injectable illicit drug domestically prepared from codeine-containing medication (CCM). The method of krokodil preparation may produce desomorphine as well as toxic reactants that cause extensive tissue necrosis. The first confirmed report of krokodil use in Russia took place in 2004. In 2012, reports of krokodil-related injection injuries began to appear beyond Russia in Western Europe and the United States. Objective: This exploratory study had two main objectives: (1) to determine if Internet search patterns could detect regularities in behavioral responses to Russian CCM policy at the population level, and (2) to determine if complementary data sources could explain the regularities we observed. Methods: First, we obtained...
Comparison of Virtual Patient Simulation With Mannequin-Based Simulation for Improving Clinical Performances in Assessing and Managing Clinical Deterioration: Randomized Controlled Trial
by Sok Ying Liaw, Sally Wai-Chi Chan, Fun-Gee Chen, Shing Chuan Hooi, Chiang Siau
(Published on 17 Sep 2014)
Background: Virtual patient simulation has grown substantially in health care education. A virtual patient simulation was developed as a refresher training course to reinforce nursing clinical performance in assessing and managing deteriorating patients. Objective: The objective of this study was to describe the development of the virtual patient simulation and evaluate its efficacy, by comparing with a conventional mannequin-based simulation, for improving the nursing students’ performances in assessing and managing patients with clinical deterioration. Methods: A randomized controlled study was conducted with 57 third-year nursing students who were recruited through email. After a baseline evaluation of all participants’ clinical performance in a simulated environment, the...

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