Use of the guidelines sites (extracts)

Patient sex

Did you decide to consult the guidelines for this patient?

If not, please indicate the reason

Were you able to access the epage site ?

Which guidelines did you consult ?

How long did the actual access of the epage web site last? (history + clinical examination + consultation of guidelines)

How long did the consultation of the guidelines itself last ?

Was the computer turned on when you wanted to access the site ?

If you use a dial-in modem : Was the connection established without difficulty ?

Were you able to reply to the proposed choices on the epage web site without difficulty ?

What was the proposed procedure ?

Do you agree with the proposed appropriateness ?

Did consulting guidelines influence your choice of treatment for the patient ?

Did you discuss different treatment modalities with this patient ?

If so, did the patient accept your proposal ?

Were the guidelines of assistance to you in your handling of this patient ?