Case Western Reserve University Study:
Comparison of Search and Exploration Mechanisms for a Health Question Database

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The purpose of this task is to evaluate effectiveness of a health and wellness search engine and its related user interfaces.
This assignment compares three methods of finding consumer health questions online through an established
search engine NetWellness (or NW) and Google, or two optimized test search engines developed at Case Western Reserve University.

Workers are asked to:

Your work has four parts. The first three parts (Part I, Part II, and Part III) ask workers to provide specific answers
based on NW consumer health questions using methods A, B and C above, respectively.
The method used for each part may follow a different order, such as using B for Part I, A for Part II, and C for Part III,
instead of merely A for Part I, B for Part II, and C for Part III.

The first three parts all begin with a visual example demonstrating how to execute the particular task.
Keep in mind that the purpose is not to get the answer in the quickest way possible - correctness is important!
You are required to find as many relevant questions as possible for a given task.
Please follow the instructions carefully and note the following:

The last part, Additional Info, provides info about your experience with finding consumer health information online.

Part I - Case Western Test Search Engine, Search by Topic (A)  
Part II - Case Western Test Search Engine, Search By Keyword (B)  
Part III - Netwellness.Org/ (C)  
Additional Info   
  1. How frequently do you use Google search?

  2. How often do you search for health information online?

  3. How would you rate your level of medical knowledge?

  4. Choose your level of education:

  5. Among the three health information search approaches:
    Test Search Engine by Topic (A), Test Search Engine by Keyword (B), or (C),
    which one do you prefer most and why to complete the above search tasks?

    Please make sure that all the ratings for the difficulty level of each task are completed, otherwise your work will not be accepted.