Data Entry
Medical Bloggers survey
A survey to find out more about health/medical bloggers. To get a glimpse of their habits and opinions regarding their blogs.
Date Stamp:
A) Internet habits
Q1 Where do you go online most often? Other:
Q2 What is your internet access speed? Other:
Q3 About how many hours per week do you spend on the Internet?
Q4 Do you read other medical/health blogs?
Q5 Are you subscribed to any medical/health podcasts?
Q6 Do you ever get medical/health news from?
the internet
a blog
email newsletters
RSS feeds
Q7 What is your preferred source of medical/health news?
B) Blog
Q8 How many blogs do you have?
Q9 Are you a single author of your primary blog?
Q10 Did you have a personal website before launching your blog?
Q11 For how long have you been blogging?
Q12 In your opinion, will you still be blogging a year from now?
Q13 Where do you usually blog from? (If other, please explain where) Other:
Q14 Do you usually blog on?
Q15 How often do you post new material on your blog?
Q16 How many hours per week do you spend updating your blog?
Q17 Do you blog about?
Q18 What would you say is the main topic of your blog?
Q19 Do you blog under?
Q20 Do you post?
images other then photos (clipart, graphs)
audio files
video files
Q21 Do you allow your readers to post comments?
Q22 Do you offer a feed (RSS) service to your readers?
Q23 Do you offer a mailing list subscription to your readers (email newsletter)?
Q24 From whom have you received attention for your blog? (choose all that apply)

Q25 Have you ever experienced any problems at work/school because of your blog? (if yes, please state them)
Q26 Do you keep traffic statistics for your blog? (if yes, how many hits do you receive per day)
C) Writing
Q27 Please tell us is this is the reason you personally blog, or not:
To stay in touch with friends and family
To network or meet new people
To make money
To improve your writing skills
To store resources of information that is important to you
To motivate other people to action
To express yourself creatively
To document your personal experiences or share them with others
To share practical knowledge or skills with others
To influence the way other people think
To entertain people
Q28 Please tell us how often, if ever do you do the following things on your blog?
Get permission to post copyrighted material
Quote other people/media directly
Spend extra time trying to verify facts
Post corrections
Include links to original source of material
Q29 Have you ever published?
Book or a chapter in a book
Newspaper article
Scientific paper
D) Personal data
Q30 Are you male or female?
Q31 How old are you? (in years)
Q32 Your race/ethnicity Other:
Q33 What is the last year of formal education you completed?
Q34 What is your job title? e.g. Physician, Paramedic, Medical student
Q35 Industry you are in? e.g. Healthcare, Publishing, Computer....
Q36 What is your specialty? e.g. Cardiology, Family medicine, Pediatrics......
Q37 In which country are you currently residing?