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COM4/392: In Vitro Diagnostic Net: Virtual community and marketplace of laboratory medicine

M Dressel

IVD-net GmbH, Freital, Germany


Introduction: Using the Internet for laboratory needs to quickly retrieve information, such as special parameters, addresses, market news & innovations or a product's manual, is time-consuming. There exist already numerous Web sites and their number is ever-increasing. But does the useful information presented in these sites always reach the desired target group? Evidence shows that this has not happened, so far. IVD-net has identified this problem and devoted a good deal of effort to resolving it, over the last year. As an alternative to time-consuming searches in a large number of sources, IVD-net offers a centralized, firmly established Internet forum devoted to in vitro diagnostics.
Methods: IVD-net intends to be a guiding compass in the "jungle" of Web-pages dealing with laboratory medicine. This guidance is being created in a virtual community of specialists and interested people this field. It is the community of people connected by a common interest in in-vitro diagnostics. In this community, step-by-step, a network of knowledge and experiences is created, where each member can benefit from. IVD-net is authentic; there is no contribution without reference to the original source.
Results: Structure of IVD-Web-sites:
  • German and English languages.
  • "public" pages for welcome and orientation.
  • interactive "members'" pages for registered members.
Membership is free of charge. Members pages consist of:
  • News: daily new information and scientific events.
  • News Group: the bulletin board for your questions, answers, comments, information.
  • Addresses : list of addresses and/or home pages of important partners in laboratory medicine directly linked to their URL.
  • Archives: thematically arranged & handy for research.
  • Hardware and Software: marketplace of instrumentation and a software catalogue. This is a virtual catalogue with efficient search functions, direct ordering options and attractive special offers of alternative suppliers!
Discussion: Economic globalization and increasing pressure to reduce costs in public health systems bring up a great challenge; the one of finding new solutions.

(J Med Internet Res 1999;1(suppl1):e17)


In-vitro Diagnostic, Laboratory Techniques and Procedures

Edited by G. Eysenbach; This is a non-peer-reviewed article. published 19.09.99

Please cite as:
Dressel M
COM4/392: In Vitro Diagnostic Net: Virtual community and marketplace of laboratory medicine
J Med Internet Res 1999;1(suppl1):e17
doi: 10.2196/jmir.1.suppl1.e17

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