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Top 10 Tweeted / Top Twimpact Factor Articles of 2014

As avid JMIR readers know, JMIR has been a pioneer in collecting and using social media metrics long before the term altmetrics became popular.
On our "Top Articles" page we rank all JMIR articles by various metrics, including tweets. By clicking on the link "most tweeted - in the last year", readers can rank articles by tweets in the last 12 months (this may also capture articles which were published pre-2014).
The ranking of top tweeted articles (as done by many other journals) has one major flaw: It does not take into account time since publication. An article published in December has much less time to accumulate tweetations (citations in a tweet) than an article published in January.
The better way which adjusts for time since publication is to rank the articles by Eysenbach's twimpact factor (tw7), which is the number of tweets accumulated in the first week after its publication.
A ranking of the top-twimpact factor articles for 2014 is available on
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